Introduction to the World Crude Oil Coin Foundation

The World Crude Oil Coin Foundation has developed a public chain with the world's crude oil currency as the main chain.with the help of the Smart Contract model of Ethereum, Let the chain of users, refineries, traders, oil countries and other original independent nodes of crude oil consumption to achieve point-to-point free trade, to ensure the transparent flow of crude oil resources in the public chain. At the same time, the Foundation's funds will be used for eco-environmental governance and oil and mining safety facilities in crude oil producing countries to achieve sustainable development of the entire industrial chain.
White Paper on Crude Oil Chain

Lines of Business

Digital Marketing
  • Development and Construction of COC Asian Region

    It is committing to the development and construction of crude oil chain and governance transparency advocacy and promotion work, promoting the safe and harmonious development of open source ecological society. The Foundation will help manage the general and privileged aspects of open source community projects by developing good governance structures. The governance structure of the foundation is designed to consider the sustainability of open source community projects, the effectiveness of management and the security of raising funds. The foundation consists of ecological center, technology development center, marketing center and daily management center.

  • Development and Consultation of Cryptocurrency

    In order to protect the ecological environment and deal with the environmental problems caused by the oil industry, and to vigorously carry out the education, popularization and poverty alleviation work in backward countries, the foundation will undertake the development and consultation of cryptocurrency based on the crude oil chain. This business will not only help the foundation to better realize its social value, but will also promote fair and transparent circulation of transactions among the chain of users, refineries, traders, oil countries and other nodes.

  • Environmental Protection

    In the course of exploitation, transportation, loading and unloading, processing and use of crude oil, pollution caused by leakage and discharge not only endangers the atmospheric environment, polluted soil and groundwater, It also poses a great threat to the survival and reproduction of wildlife, especially marine life, and will ultimately harm mankind itself. The foundation will promote the protection of the ecological environment through unremitting efforts, publicize the threat of crude oil pollution, advocate the standardized exploitation and use of crude oil, and carry out scientific treatment and restoration of the already polluted ecological environment.

  • Education and Poverty Alleviation

    The foundation will take advantage of its resources in the oil field to help people in backward countries and regions achieve universal education and poverty alleviation. The foundation will vigorously develop education and medical care in the areas where oil and chemical refineries are located; set up training institutions to help local residents better invest in their jobs; and develop large-scale industrial parks to create more jobs and state taxes. It is believed that with the efforts of the Foundation, these measures will effectively improve the quality of life and the level of economic development locally.

Cooperative Countries

  • Canada


  • Russia


  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

  • The United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates

  • Iran


  • Kuwait


  • Cambodia


  • Thailand


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